Photography provides me with a means for exploration. By this, I am talking about my love to find and see all that is around me-- all that I have never seen before. The camera gives me permission to enter places that were unknown, and, in a similar way, allows me to meet unfamiliar people.

Specifically, people are what interest me. I am fascinated by life stories. My work narrates the unnoticed aspects of living. I examine the things that people do by concentrating on what occurs naturally. I then interpret certain gestures and actions by isolating them. This approach furnishes evidence beyond the first glance. The subject's emotions, feelings, senses, and relationship to his or her surroundings are portrayed. In the end, I build a strong rapport with the subject, a lasting collaboration.

In my photographs, I explore beyond a documentary approach. I do not want only to record information and merely state the facts, but I also want to describe them. I create a picture that illustrates the narrative.